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Terms and Conditions of TRX-Xchange Membership Application and Allotment
  • As an independent distributor of Trillion Capital Ventures, (also known as TRX-Xchange) i understand and agree to the followings: I hereby apply for a TRX-Xchange distributorship. l am of legal age (18) as I enter into this agreement. I am a citizen of the world.
  • As long as I am a distributor of TRX-Xchange. I agree to comply with the current TRX-Xchange business program, policies, procedures, Code of Ethics: requirements and standards as established and as may be amended from time to time by TRX-Xchange.
  • I will fill all returns and reports required by the Inland Revenue Department of my country and pay all taxes arising from my activities as a distributor.
  • I understand that I am an independent contractor and not an employee, agent, partner or joint venture of TRX-Xchange or my sponsor and that I am not authorized to act on behalf of or to bind TRX-Xchange or any of its affiliate, shareholders, officers, directors, employees or agents, or my sponsor.
  • I will not use the TRX-Xchange trade name, trademark, or service mark in any advertising without prior written approval of TRX-Xchange
  • I understand that with product purchased I am automatically qualify to become a TRX-Xchange distributor and I will not make any statement or representation to the contrary to any prospective distributor.
  • I will not state, infer or represent to any prospective TRX-Xchange distributor that any specific network organisation may be built or maintained or that any specific level or income may be earned or anticipated from the TRX-Xchange business program.
  • I will not disseminate any literature or sales aids whatsoever other than those supplied to me by TRX-Xchange. I will not alter any product contents or packaging without specific written direction to do so by TRX-Xchange.
  • All TRX-Xchange products purchased or sold by me are subject to the warranties, disclaimers and procedures applicable to the products at the time of purchase.
  • I will encourage other TRX-Xchange distributors to abide by TRX-Xchange policy and will not encourage other distributors to make unnecessary products purchase that will results in large static inventory.
  • I understand and agree that TRX-Xchange may take appropriate action on my distributorship at any time if l breach any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or engaged in any conduct which may bring disrepute upon TRX-Xchange or which is in violation of any government law, regulation or ordinance, or any TRX-Xchange policies
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